Saturday, February 1, 2014

Living Off The Grid

Backed into the forest along The Great Divide, New Mexico
The hoof prints are from elk and deer that live here.

Parked out here, you'd think you'll be left alone. 
At midnight the cops told us we couldn't be there.

Dragging in firewood with a winch secured to the tail of the trailer.

But it's cooling off in the mountains and we're returning to the desert.

Hiking up a dry creek bed.

I think we'll park here a while.
For loading logging trucks.

A wide field panorama of Jewel.

Discovering some of the neat features on the Nexus 7, photosphere.

Summer In The Sierra Nevada's

A Saguaro Cactus
We parked near the Colorado River, Arizona and walked east.
This is where the first Saguaro in western Arizona begin to grow.

Fly In Visitors
Along the Colorado River, Arizona. The ground here is hard packed dust.
I have to be careful not to get stuck out here!

Parked In The Desert
All we need is a dead tree for our wood stove.

Horse Friends
Snowbirds like us, but they have a couple horses.

Out hiking around in the Mojave Desert.

It's a Yucca, but I have come to affectionately call this doozy "Spanish Bayonet".

Jumpin' Cholla

On A Ride With New Friends
A semi is a high profile vehicle and captures the interest of many.
This couple was out in their ATV and decided to pay us a visit.

We have neighbors.
These people were gathering some firewood and got stuck in some of the soft stuff.

On A Hike
This is some beautiful country!

The Desert's Beginning To Bloom

Sending Up A Weather Balloon
When I opened the blast doors this morning I saw this group preparing to launch a balloon.

Jenny Lou's Cabana On A Colorado River Tributary

Heading north, a different desert. A desert tortoise.

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